George Kellogg

Sometimes, family members serve in the military together. This is the case with George Kellogg. George and his brother-in-law, Ronald Eugene Fitzgerald, both served the country in two different roles. George began his service in 1953 at the Lackland and Sheppard Air Force Bases where he completed his basic and advanced trainings.

He was stationed at Travis Air Force Base for the remainder of his service, beginning as an aircraft mechanic. George was the youngest aircraft maintenance dock chief during The Korean War for the Pacific Airlift. During his service, he performed work on the C97 Stratocruiser, the largest troop carrier in existence at the time. The aircraft utilized one of the largest reciprocal engines ever made. "My service was fabulous. I had fun and am proud of my time there," said George. .

George speaks proudly of his brother-in-law Ronald, who was a second class technician serving in Cambodia when he was killed. He was a much decorated soldier with two bronze stars with a V for Valor, clusters and a Purple Heart.

Jonathan Hawley

Jonathan Hawley just finished his first of two deployments to Afghanistan. He graduated from Inderkum High School in 2008. He joined the armed forces, went to medical and airborne school and is serving as a combat medic in the US Army. He is currently stationed in Fort Brag, North Carolina and is glad to be home. Jonathan's family is grateful for all of our soldiers and their families' sacrifice, commitment and dedication to fighting for the simple freedoms we sometimes take for granted. His father, Warren Hawley, writes, "Our heartfelt thanks and prayers go out to all who have and continue to serve."

Alexander C. Lockett

Sgt. Alexander Charles Lockett's 8 year service to the USAF bestows honor and pride upon himself, his family and his country. While stationed at TAFB-60th AMXS he earned: a Commendation Medal for substantial contribution to 11 Iraqi Freedom Operations, a coin for five flawless personal LCAP inspections, the first ever "Sharp Troop Award", and first place in the 2008 Power Lifting competition (505lb dead-lift & 295lb bench-press). At Pease ANGB-64th ARS, he was awarded an Oak Leaf Cluster for establishing a crucial upgrade training program.

Natomas Rose Garden
Veteran Dedication

A portion of The Natomas Rose Garden was re-dedicated to our veterans in October. Be sure to visit the plaque and give thanks to those who serve our country.

The Rose Garden is located at the Natomas Community Center next to the South Natomas Library.

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Alex's fiance, Jamie Saenz, writes that last year after a bad car accident, the Air Force medically retired Alex from service. "A lot of people really don't understand what it takes physically, mentally, and emotionally to protect our country," writes Jamie. Alex is now pursuing his education and recently received the President's Highest Honors award for a 4.0 GPA.

Matthew Young

This past January, Westlake resident, Major (MAJ) Matthew H. Young, US Army Reserve, retired from the U.S. military after 24 honorable years of service. A life-member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S., MAJ Young served for over seven years as an enlisted soldier, and the remaining 17 years as a commissioned officer in the medical service corps. His last overseas deployment was in 2009 for one year to Kosovo (a war-torn former Yugoslavian republic), in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and a United Nations peacekeeping mission.

Now that he's retired, his plans are to spend more quality time with wife Lilia. his eight year-old daughter Jadine, and four-year-old son Ryan by participating in their weekend activities.

Ashley Gilliam

Ashley Gilliam is serving in the United States Army and is currently stationed in Afghanistan. She joined the Army in April 2011. She is proud to serve her country and her family is just as proud of her. Ashley's mom, Jennifer Cooper, writes that they love her very much and miss her every day. Her family states that they think of Ashley and all the soldiers that put their lives on the line out there on a daily basis. "They do it to defend the freedoms that we have here in the USA and feel extremely proud," writes Jennifer. Her family anxiously awaits Ashley's return home early next year.

Troy Timmer
Troy first joined the Navy in 1997. His first duty station was Pearl Harbor, Hawaii with USS Cimarron (AO-177) as a deckhand seaman until the end of 1998. He then went to USS Chosin (CG-65), the new AGIS missile cruiser where he became an Aviation Structural Mechanic Airman during the first six months. Troy writes that, "Lot's of guys died to save the lives of Korean's." Troy has an adopted niece and nephew from Korea who are direct descendants of survivors of the war. He made it as an Airman Striker and earned three Green Stripes upon his return. He was the only one standing at the bow of the ship wearing green stripes among all those who were wearing blue stripes. "I was so proud," Troy writes.

He said that one of his most significant deployments was when the planes hit the World Trade Center buildings on 9/11. He and his comrades jumped to action for their patriotic duty during the attacks. Troy has served in the Philippines and has been stationed in Fort Hood, Texas among others. He also joined the US Army and served as an Ammunition Specialist. Today he is still active in the Army Reserves. He enjoys going to watch his niece's soccer team, the Power Puffs, in action and let's his nephew show him his culinary skills with his new creations.

Scott Bain

Another active service officer in our region is Scott Bain, who joined the Army in April, 2010. Following basic training in South Carolina and schooling in Georgia, he was stationed in South Korea for a year. Last November he returned to Sacramento from South Korea on a Tuesday, married his long-time girl friend, Jenna Fernandez, on the following Friday and a week later, the two left for his next assignment in Georgia. Both graduated from Inderkum High School in 2009. During that time, Scott was a standout kicker on Inderkum's football team and a key player on the soccer team. Scott and Jenna are expecting their first child in October.