The Natomas community is served by three Sacramento City Council members. District 1 is Angelique Ashby, District 3 is Steve Cohn and District 4 is Steve Hansen.

At some point soon, it would be a great advantage to the residents of Natomas to bring the community together. Combine the district 4 portion with the District 3 portion and with the District 1 area below Arena Boulevard and East of Interstate 5 to create a new district 9. The proposed new District 9 and District 1 will better represent the total of the Natomas community. While it will still be represented by two council members, the south and south-west portion will no longer be just be a portion of District 3 and 4, which has most of those they represent south of the American and Sacramento rivers.

If you think this suggestion has merit, then contact your council member and suggest it to them.

County Seat: Sacramento
City of Sacramento
915 I Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone 916-264-5799
Fax 916-264-7672

District 1: Councilmember
Angelique Ashby

--- District 1: North of I-80, South of Elkhorn Blvd, includes panhandle West of levee

915 I Street, 5th Floor
Sacramento CA 95814

-- Angelique Ashby
Councilmember: 808-7001
-- Michelle Kille
Director of Publlic Policy: 808-7339
--Michel Huizar
Director of Constituent Affairs:
p: 808-7167
c: 396-5353
-- Brandon Black
Executive Assistant: 808-5848
-- Elena Quintero
District One Parks Liaison
Phone: 916-410-4998

District 3: Councilmember
Steve Cohn

--- District 3: East of I-5, North of American River, South of I-5, West of Levee

915 I Street, 5th Floor
Sacramento CA 95814

-- Steve Cohn
council member 916-808-7003
-- Sue Brown
district director 916-808-7235
-- Anne Romo
exectutive assistant 916-808-7003

District 4: Councilmember
Steve Hansen

--- District 4: North of Sacramento River, South of I-80, West of I-5

915 I Street, 5th Floor
Sacramento CA 95814

-- Steve Hansen
councilmember 916-808-7004