It is also one of the most important presidential elections in our history, so be sure and vote on November 8th.

While I would never ask you to vote for a specific candidate, I would recommend that you not look at the actual candidate, but those that they surround themselves with. Who will run the day-to-day operations of government agencies. Check to see who has the best and the brightest that will handle your issues when you call an agency. You may not like

the specific candidate, but you may vote based on who will be working daily in our government. Remember, we are electing an administration, not a messiah. So vote accordingly.

This months artist, Kim Scott is not only our cover artist, but will be showing at artSpace1616 on Second Saturday. Be sure to encourage your friends to go to this gallery when they can. It is run by Mima Begovic, who lives in Natomas and is dedicated to the love of the arts. Show Natomas and Sacramento that our Natomas community will do what is needed to support the arts. That includes supporting this magazine when you frequent businesses around town.

Page 8 through page 11 is dedicated this month to veterans. Sadia Ashraf and I were lucky to meet very special veterans. Boyd Taylor from Heritage Park was and is a Tuskegee Airman and Andrew Q. Isaacs is the last of the Buffalo Soldiers. He patrolled on horseback in the early days of World War II. Be sure to read about them and honor all veterans and anyone who serve our country.

Former Mayor Heather Fargo and I spent part of a day with Mayor Elect Darrell Steinberg and we toured parts of Natomas to give him an idea of what is here and what may be needed to revitalize this great community. We lost the arena to downtown, but we have energy and ideas that the new Mayor can support. He give every indication that he will listen and help where he can. I am encouraged.

Liane Quirk wrote a great piece on the use of weights for fitness by women. While putting this piece together, Sadia Ashraf introduced me to Kimberly Webster of Cross Fit Natomas. Kimberly is an award winning weight lifter and may be profiled in a future issue of N magazine.

N magazine does need your help in getting local business to advertise, so if you like the magazine, mention it to the owners of businesses where you shop. We always appreciate our readers support.